Environmental economic research as a tool in the protection of the Baltic Sea

Costs and benefits of reducing eutrophication

image of Environmental economic research as a tool in the protection of the Baltic Sea

This report reviews the findings of an ecological/economicanalyses regarding the on-going and prospective effortsto reduce eutrophication of the Baltic Sea, conducted byBalticSTERN, an international research network. The results indicate that the overall benefits of fulfillingthe targets of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP)clearly outweigh their aggregate costs, suggesting thatthe BSAP is an economically sound plan for solvingthe transboundary eutrophication problem. The cost ofinaction - not implementing the objectives of the BSAP -would be significant.



Potential applications of the data, models and results for decision support

In this chapter, we discuss how environmental economic research conducted in the BalticSTERN research network and the numerical results from integrated assessment of nutrient abatement in the Baltic may serve in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of international and national water policies. The existing framework can be adjusted and used as a tool to conduct ex-post analysis of the past policies or past phases of the ongoing policies, and ex-ante analysis of the new policies and new revisions of the ongoing policies.


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