Endocrine disrupters – consumer protection by soft regulatory measures

image of Endocrine disrupters – consumer protection by soft regulatory measures

During the 2010 Danish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers environment and health was a prioritized subject. The aim was enhanced Nordic information exchange. To support this aim a number of Nordic workshops were held to strengthen the capacity building and discuss future regulatory aspects in the area of endocrine disruptors, combination effects, and soft regulatory measures and effective risk communication. One of the workshops held in November focused on soft regulatory measures to reduce the exposure of sensitive population groups to chemicals, with a special focus on endocrine disruptors. This report describes the workshop presentations, the ensuing discussions, and the outcome.




Regulators are often faced with the challenge that exposure to chemicals can have adverse effects, but the scientific knowledge is not sufficiently robust to propose hard regulation. In such situations other precautions can be taken to lower the exposure to chemicals, especially for sensitive population groups, such as infants, children and pregnant and breastfeeding women. Over the past 20 years, concerns have increased that many of the chemicals we are surrounded by every day can affect our health via effects on the endocrine system. But until now the knowledge has not been solid enough to implement hard regulation.


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