Electricity and District Heating Emission Baseline Methodologies

image of Electricity and District Heating Emission Baseline Methodologies

This report presents the results of the project "Development of sector-specific baselines for energy-related Joint Implementation projects in the Baltic Sea Region". The project has developed baseline methodologies that can be used in the power and district heating sectors of the Baltic Sea Region, and has applied these methodologies to case studies in the Arkhangelsk region of Russia. Joint Implementation (JI) is the mechanism established under the Kyoto Protocol that provides Annex I countries or their companies the ability to jointly implement greenhouse gas emissions reduction or sequestration projects that generate tradable Emissions Reduction Units (ERUs).



Severoonezsk District Heating

Severoonezsk is a town with a population of 6000 located, in central Archangelsk Oblast, in the Plesetsk District. The main economic activity is derived from the Severoonezsk bauxite mine.


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