Ecosystem Services

In the Coastal Zone of the Nordic Countries

image of Ecosystem Services

People are dependent on the ocean and coasts and their resources for their survival and well-being. Coastal ecosystems of the Nordic countries, such as kelp forests, blue mussel beds, eelgrass meadows and shallow bays and inlets, provide a number of supporting, provisioning, regulating, and cultural ecosystem services to both the local communities as well as the wider population who benefit from them. The study has focused on examining these coastal values through selected examples, and recommend possible applications and relevance for the management of the Nordic coastal areas and their resources. The project has also identified key gaps in the knowledge and suggests where further work should be emphasized.




The aim of the report has been to give an overview of the available information on the benefits and values of kelp forests, eelgrass meadows, blue mussel beds, and shallow bays and inlets, which all are ecosystems of great importance for the condition and management of key ecological functions in the Nordic countries and together cover large parts of the Nordic countries’ coastal areas.


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