Economic values from the natural and cultural heritage in the Nordic countries

Improving visibility and integrating natural and cultural resource values in Nordic countries

image of Economic values from the natural and cultural heritage in the Nordic countries

Natural and cultural heritage represent key assets that deliver different kind of benefits to citizens in the Nordic countries. This report illustrates the economic values at stake and discusses the important and inevitable key trade-offs facing decision-makers charged with managing these assests. The report has three goals: to briefly describe existing conservation measures in the Nordic countries, to illustrate the type and magnitude of economic values generated by these measures, and to discuss key trade-offs and policy implications arising from the selection of measures, which lead to welfare impacts depending on the level of human use. The valuation studies reviewed in the report demonstrate real economic values associated with the experiences that natural and cultural heritage provides both in terms of increased welfare and regional economic impacts.



Initiatives and programs for protecting natural and cultural heritage in the Nordic countries

As natural and cultural heritage sites provide values to society, the Nordic countries have various programs and initiatives aiming to protect these areas to ensure that they will continue to generate value. While the goal and the challenges are mostly similar in all Nordic countries the conservation strategies differ between the countries.


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