Economic policy instruments for plastic waste

A review with Nordic perspectives

image of Economic policy instruments for plastic waste

Achieving a high quality of waste plastic materials and recycling processes is a key challenge in closing the resource loops for plastics. This report reviews the status and trends for plastic waste flows and treatment in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Furthermore, it gives an overview of existing policy instruments and the main challenges for designing policy instruments for improved recycling of plastic waste in these Nordic countries. The report identifies potential market failures associated with closing the resource loops for plastics. It reviews the economics research literature on policy instrument design for achieving optimal recycling rates and makes policy recommendations from the Nordic perspective. Finally, it presents results from a survey on market conditions to managers in the recycling and plastic manufacturing industry in Sweden.




This report summarizes the results from the project “Evaluation and design of economic instruments for increased recycling of plastic waste” initiated by the Working Group on Environment and Economy (MEG) and Nordic Waste Group (NAG). The purpose of the project is to evaluate and to identify overall design features of suitable economic policy instruments that may contribute to achieving socially efficient levels of recycling rates of plastic waste in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.


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