Digital applications and movement tracking forms according to EG-legislation 1013/2006

Regulatory framework surrounding transboundary movements of waste is common to EU countries and requires extensive documentation before, under and after the movements. This report contain a situation analysis and a proposed solution for the Nordic countries to manage the procedures involved in transboundary movements of waste with digital reporting instead of the paper based procedures used today. The situation analysis covers all of the 27 EU-member states as well as three other selected countries. It gives an overview to the reader of existing systems or ongoing projects regarding digital reporting within the area of transboundary movements of waste for EU-member states and a few other selected countries. The report also provide a detailed solution for digital reporting within the notification and tracking procedures for Nordic competent authorities as well as for Nordic stakeholders (e.g. Exporters, Facilities etc.) and functionality for an automated annual report to the secretariat of the FNs Basel convention.