Developing the co-operation between the established less formal Nordic approaches to eco-management and eco-certification systems

Part 2

The project fase 1 has reviewed five estbablished Nordic eco-mamagement systems (EMS) for small and medium enterprises (report TN 2009/558). These systems are different and this is problematical for companies operating over the borders. The existing diploma schemes have been compared in order to find a common criteria structure for Nordic use, resulting in a list of mandatory demands such as energy reducing measures, purchases in environmental and ethical direction, environmental action plan and environmental training for personnel. During this work some problems were highlighted. This is relevant for the industry criteria, which must be incorporated into a system, so that criteria crossing sections can be further developed. Common mandatory demands for shopping centres and their tenants have been developed. This phase of the project has been aiming to develop the Nordic cooperation between existing EMS in the Nordic countries, through a formal agreement between the systems, common website and logo, more unified environmental demands, and a development model for new demands. The Nordic Environment Network has been established and results were presented at a workshop in Malmö, October 2009.