Democracy and Climate Engagement in the Nordic Region

Same Direction, Different Solutions

image of Democracy and Climate Engagement in the Nordic Region

Available online: https://pub.norden.org/nord2020-035/ Abstract [en]: Almost 5,000 Nordic citizens have answered a wide range of questions relating to Nordic co-operation, climate change and democratic engagement. The results show that Nordic citizens are concerned about the trends and believe that climate change and the environment is the most important area of co-operation for the Nordic region. There is also a lot of variation in what citizens think the best measures are and in the extent to which they believe that politicians can solve the climate crisis. The report highlights both challenges and opportunities for the Nordic democracies in their work for the climate and environment of the future

English Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic


National differences

It is at a national/regional level that we see the biggest differences between responses. In this section, we will focus more on each country individually, and particularly on where the Nordic countries differ from each other.

English Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian

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