Data Centre Opportunities in the Nordics

An Analysis of the Competitive Advantages

image of Data Centre Opportunities in the Nordics

The Nordic region attracts an increasing level of significant investments in new data centres. This seems to be no coincidence as the Nordics scores comparatively higher on factors such as “Reliable power supply”, “Low energy prices”, “Political stability”, “Faster time-to-market” and “Abundance of energy and other resources” compared to more traditional European data centre regions. All factors that are deemed most important by data centre investors. This report estimates that the Nordics by 2025 could attract annual data centre construction investments in the order of EUR 2-4.3 bn. by 2025. This is based on the forecast of the future demand worldwide for data centre services – as well as the strong value proposition of the Nordic countries towards large datacenter investments.




The study has been conducted during the fall 2018 and in two phases. The first phase included mapping of the Nordic region and identification of importance / attraction parameters for investors. The second phase included mapping of the FLAP-D regions and benchmarking with the Nordic region.


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