Crustal Structure and Mineral Deposit Systems: 3D-modelling of base metal mineralization in Jameson Land (East Greenland)

image of CRUSMID-3D

Providing research and education at a high international level is a prerequisite for the raw material sector to develop competitive and cost effective exploration methods. The NordMin project CRUSDMID-3D is a consortium between research institutes, academia and SME supporting a PhD project to study some of the geological processes in Greenland that are related to ore deposits, to understand the relationships between structures and mineralization. The new geological and structural data together with aeromagnetic/electromagnetic surveys and the drill-core data added new values to the regional knowledge of East Greenland. The exploration tools developed within the PhD-project are expected to be useful in planning and executing future exploration campaigns in similar but also other geological environments.



Geometry and kinematics of the Triassic rift in Jameson Land

The Triassic rift along the East Greenland margin described in this paper is represented by NE-SW trending basin and highs segmented by NW-SE trending transfer zones. Coarse grained sediments along the eastern side of Jameson Land are shown to be hosted in half-graben structures belonging to the Carlsberg Fjord Basin that is bounded by NW-dipping normal faults mapped and described after fieldwork in the Klitdal area in Liverpool Land. New aeromagnetic and electromagnetic data together with new drill cores allowed the re-interpretation of available seismic lines showing the continuation of the Triassic rift basin toward the SW where it is buried under the Upper Triassic postrift sediments and the Jurassic sequences of the Jameson Land Basin. The N-S trending Liverpool Land, thought to be the boundary block of the Triassic basin, is shown to be a structural high inherited from the Upper Carboniferous tectonics down-faulted during the Triassic rifting. The Carlsberg Fjord Basin and the Klitdal Fault System described in this chapter should be seen as analogue to the Helgeland Basin in the Norwegian offshore that is bounded by the Ylvingen Fault Zone and to the Papa and West of Shetlands Basins that are bounded by the Spine Fault (Doré et al. 1999). The Triassic rift zone on both conjugate margins shows a straightforward correlation with the trend of the main normal faults and fracture zones of the North-East Atlantic rift and the initial spreading line, suggesting a legacy of the Triassic rifting.


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