Contaminated Sediments

Review of Solutions for Protecting Aquatic Environments

image of Contaminated Sediments

The Nordic Council of Ministers have recognized the need to compile the knowledge of sediment remediation strategies and to evaluate different remediation approaches. The objective of this report is to give a status of regulatory framework and sediment management within selected Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark). In addition, the report gives a short overview of international knowledge on remediation approaches, techniques, and materials. Governance and regulatory instruments in dealing with contaminated sediments vary between countries. Of the countries presented, only Norwegian environmental authorities have implemented a national strategy for remediation of marine contaminated sediments. A Nordic database of clean-up projects and long-term monitoring would improve the exchange of knowledge between the Nordic countries.



Contaminated sediments in the Nordic countries

In Norway, more than 120 sites within the fjords have been recognized with high concentrations of hazardous substances. For 17 prioritized fjords, regional sediment remediation action plans have been prepared. In Sweden, a preliminary review of contaminated sediments revealed that contaminated mineral-based and/or cellulose-bearing sediments occur in at least 19 of 21 counties. In Finland, the status of sediment contamination is only assessed for relocation purposes after dredging. A preliminary national survey of contaminated sediments in inland waters lists 28 possible or known sites across the country. In Denmark, the coastal waters are heavily affected by anthropogenic activity, both from land- and ocean-based activities like aquaculture, shipping and industry. Hazardous substances in Danish marine waters have been monitored on a nation-wide scale since 1998.


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