Confidence rating of marine eutrophication assessments

image of Confidence rating of marine eutrophication assessments

This report presents the development of a methodology for assessing confidence in eutrophication status classifications. The method can be considered as a secondary assessment, supporting the primary assessment of eutrophication status. The confidence assessment is based on a transparent scoring of the 'value' of the indicators on which the primary assessment is made. Such secondary assessment of confidence represents a first step towards linking status classification with information regarding their accuracy and precision and ultimately a tool for improving or targeting actions to improve the health of the marine environment.




This work is based on existing data used in the HELCOM assessment of Baltic Sea eutrophication 2001–2006 (HELCOM, 2009). Most of the monitoring data representing actual status originate from the HELCOM Cooperative Monitoring in the Baltic Marine Environment (HELCOM COMBINE) Programme although some come from national monitoring and assessment activities. HELCOM COMBINE is a cooperative monitoring programme shared by the Baltic countries. Andersen et al. (submitted) describes the data origin in more detail.


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