Conference on Competitive and Sustainable Aquaculture

Dimensions and Tools of Competitive and Sustainable Aquaculture in Northern Europe

image of Conference on Competitive and Sustainable Aquaculture

The conference was organised by the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. A separate Workshop on Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, also financed by the NCM and organised by Technical University of Denmark (DTU), was linked to the conference (www.NordicRAS.net). Together, these two consecutive events formed the Aquaculture Forum. The conference brought together 125 participants from thirteen different European countries. There was broad representation from the aquaculture sector in Europe: central and local administrations, research institutes, universities, industry and a range of other organisations.



Attractivity – Success in competing for capital and labour

This session considered how to create circumstances in aquaculture so that it will attract companies, capital and labour in the future. First, the EU and national governments have to enact policy and regulations that enables the long-term development of aquaculture. The EU is renewing its Common Fisheries Policy and there is goodwill to promote aquaculture development and marketing. EU regulations do not diminish the national role of government to promote aquaculture. At the national-level, ministries at the frontline between environmental and industrial policy, should remove conflicts and shift to a win-win situation. Goals and strategies should be clearly defined so that all parties can agree them and work by agreement. The work of the authorities that grants permits should provide support for unique and simple instructions and decrease the administrative burdens. Farmers hope that regulation would not increase the cost of production.


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