Comments on COM (2006) 676 Building a global market

image of Comments on COM (2006) 676 Building a global market

Directive 2003/87/EC established a scheme for greenhouse gas emission allowance trading, the EU ETS (European Union Emission Trading Scheme). In connection with the review of the Directive, called for in Article 30, the European Commission has published a communication report (COM(2006)676) raising some issues that should be included in the review. This report contains an overview analysis of these issues. The main focus is on issues related to the participation of small installations, but several other issues are also discussed.



Introduction and background

The task at hand is to conduct an overview analysis of the issues raised in the Annex to the EU Commission communication report “Building a global carbon market – Report pursuant to Article 30 of Directive 2003/87/EC” (COM(2006)676 final), hereafter referred to as the COM report.


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