Climate Change and Cultural Heritage in the Nordic Countries

image of Climate Change and Cultural Heritage in the Nordic Countries

The project Effects of Climate Change on Cultural Heritage Sites and Cultural Environments is a collaboration between the cultural heritage administrations of seven Nordic countries: Iceland, Greenland, the Faeroe Islands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. The aim of the project has been to assist the cultural heritage administrators in meeting the anticipated climate change and to strengthen collaboration and network building between the Nordic cultural heritage administrators. The publication Climate Change and Cultural Heritage in the Nordic Countries contains the main results of the project's work. The report consists of two parts, part one of which discusses the anticipated effects of climate change on cultural heritage sites and cultural environments in the Nordic countries. Part two addresses what consequences the climate change will have for the management of heritage sites and includes the project group's recommendations for handling these consequences.



Effects of climate change on cultural environments and landscapes

Climate change could lead to changes in cultural environments and landscapes as we know them. Rural landscapes are bearers of cultural history that is strongly linked to the primary industries. When these landscapes are changed, for example by the overgrowing of pasture land, the biological diversity of species in these cultural environments will be affected and the value of the experience will be changed. The extent to which climate change contributes to these processes is a subject of current discussion. Cities, towns and built-up areas also have their own characteristics that might make them particularly vulnerable to climate change.

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