Climate 2050 – Literature review

image of Climate 2050 – Literature review

This literature review aims to provide a brief overview of the studies undertaken regarding large-scale emission reductions in the long term. The purpose of the review is to provide an indication the consequences of ambitious emission reduction targets as suggested by other studies and to help identify relevant assumptions, parameters etc. needed for scenarios analyses of this study. The literature review has been to focus attention with regard to the baseline emission scenario, i.e. the likely course of events in the absence of ambitious emission reduction targets and the corresponding policies and measures necessary to achieve the targets and to the reduction scenario in which policy action is undertaken to reduce emissions.



Key Study #3: Energy Technology Perspectives

The publication by IEA is a response to international requests for alternative scenarios and strategies aimed at a “clean and secure” energy future. ETP presents the status and prospects for key energy technologies and assesses their potential to make a difference by 2050.


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