Characterisation of waste in relation to the EU acceptance criteria for landfilling

The Nordic countries are currently in the process of implementing and enforcing the EU Landfill Directive (1999/31/EC) and the associated Council Decision of 19 December 2002 establishing criteria and procedures for the acceptance of waste at landfills pursuant to Article 16 and Annex II of the directive. The waste acceptance criteria (WAC), which have to be implemented, are primarily based on the results of leaching tests. Only limited and scattered information has been available on the leaching properties of many of the non-hazardous (and hazardous) waste materials expected to be landfilled in the Nordic countries. The Nordic Council of Ministers has therefore funded a project aimed at the production of tools and data to facilitate the establishment of an overview of the consequences of specific leaching requirements in terms of the compliance of various types of waste with WAC for the various categories of landfills. The project has resulted in two deliverables: One is this report, which provides a brief description of the project work and the database, as well as a preliminary classification of a number of waste materials in terms of compliance with the EU WAC for the various categories of landfills. Due to the limited amount of data available at present, this classification is only indicative. The main result of the project is a web-based NMR Waste Characterisation Database, which has been established.