Carbon footprint calculators for citizens

Recommendations and implications in the Nordic Context

image of Carbon footprint calculators for citizens

In this report, we look into Nordic carbon footprint calculators and selected benchmarks from other countries. We present data on 10 carbon footprint calculators for public use. The focus is on the features, recorded number of users, and experiences on using the calculators in campaigns and research projects. The purpose is to highlight good practices in the design and use of calculators for ordinary citizens which can be used to introduce the role of consumption choices in climate change mitigation. The report provides suggestions for the future development of existing or new calculator initiatives. The study was carried out by the Finnish Environment Institute, financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers, administrated by the Sustainable Consumption and Production Working Group and guided by a steering group consisting of representatives from Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.



Materials and methods

In this study, we use a sample of carbon footprint calculators as a material for studying calculator features, use and impact. The data consist of a desktop study and expert interviews of calculator developers or hosts. The data, their collection and use is described in the following subsections.


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