Best Environmental Practices in the Mining Sector in the Barents Region

International Conference 23-25 April 2013

image of Best Environmental Practices in the Mining Sector in the Barents Region

The natural resources of the Barents Region are of strategic importance for Europe. One intensively developing sector is mining, which will bring new opportunities to the region, but which will also cause changes in the environment. The Conference on Best Environmental Practices in the Mining Sector in the Barents Region was held in Rovaniemi in April 2013. The Conference targeted the environmental issues connected to the mining sector and promoted best environmental practices for mines in the Barents Region. The overall goal for the Conference was to increase awareness of the challenges in the mining sector and to exchange information on assessing and managing social and environmental concerns. These Conference proceedings present the Concept Note on Common Challenges of the Conference and the abstracts of the presentations.

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National strategies and guiding principles

how it addresses the environmental and social challenges

Mining is an activity that always has an effect in nature where the extraction is taking place and some impact on the surrounding environment. A mineral deposit has to be mined where it has been created by geological processes, and the location cannot be chosen. Instead permission of the operation in the specific location is granted or denied, considering how technical solutions can be chosen to minimize impact and make them acceptable. This is a dynamic process as technology develops over time as well as the acceptance of the impact varies with values in society. The Swedish mining industry is devoted to technical development and continued improvement, and initiatives are undertaken in cooperation with government and authorities to develop R&D on both national and EU levels. The “SMIFU Sustainable and Innovative Mine of the Future” program is a basis for the ambitious work. To make this proactive approach possible, the industry must be competitive and profitable.


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