BAT examples from the Nordic iron and steel industry

image of BAT examples from the Nordic iron and steel industry

This report deals with "production of iron and steel" and "ferrous metals processing industry". The main purpose of the study is to support the coming updating work of the present BREF´s (BAT Reference Documents) in the corresponding areas, and also to promote the possibilities to include Nordic examples in these BREF-areas. The study made it very clear, that there are a lot of BAT-level processes, sub-processes, measuring technologies etc. in both areas. The study includes a total of 35 objects, which are rather well divided into the "steel production" and "ferrous metals processing" areas. In addition to the new descriptions of the Nordic BAT-level objects the both present BREF's are commented from today point of view. The project was carried out by MEFOS - Metallurgical Research Institute AB in Luleå, Sweden, and supervised by the Nordic BAT-group.




Nordic reports on low environmental impact technology for different industrial areas are prepared under the direction of the Nordic BATgroup. The Nordic BAT-group in turn falls within the remit of the Products and Waste Working Party (the PA group) of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The BAT-group commissions Nordic consultants in selected industrial sectors, to carry out reporting works (BAT-projects) for the Nordic Council of Ministers.


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