BAT and Cleaner technology in Environmental Permits

Part 2: Surface treatment of metals

image of BAT and Cleaner technology in Environmental Permits

The objective of the project has been to generate Easy-to-use tools for Nordic environmental authorities, providing them with guidance on what terms can be used when formulating BAT and CT conditions in the permit and licensing process. The tool can also be used as a guide to industries applying for permits. This report gives overviews of BAT, CT and Easy-to-use tools for the sector surface treatment of metals. The project has looked into common processes and production technologies and their main environmental impacts. Investigations on relevant permit requirements have been carried out in Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The report compiles the common terms used in Nordic permits and summarizes experiences concerning BAT and CT requirements. The BAT and CT requirements identified in the Ease-to-use tools are separated into various themes to ease the user's identification of relevant information. There are two other reports from the project. Part 1 contains a summary of findings, analysis and conclusions of the project, while Part 3 gives results for the sector of Fish processing industry.



List of environmental permits and licenses used in the fish processing industry - company name, year of licence, type of production, size, country and id


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