Barriers for utilisation of biowaste

Analysis of Institutional barriers for using Biowaste as a resource

image of Barriers for utilisation of biowaste

There is an increased focus on ensuring optimal use of the resources of the planet. However experience shows that legislation can hinder the use of the resources from waste. This report examines the unintended consequences that legislation, enforcement and other formal institutions can have on utilization of biowaste as a resource.

The project consists of three main elements:

1) Desk research

2) Qualitative phone interviews with relevant actors in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

3) Solution dialogues with authorities.

The barriers to better utilisation of biowaste are diffuse, and the solutions complex. A mixture of changes in regulation, better cooperation and coordination between regulative bodies, and better guidance and information sharing between national- and municipal authorities and the business community would together reduce the barriers for utilisation of biowaste.




The political and business communities in the Nordic region and the wider world are slowly embracing the concept of the circular economy as the key to securing an environmentally and economically sustainable future. Feeding end-of-life products and materials back into the value chain avoids the environmental and economic costs associated with unnecessary extraction of raw materials on the one hand, and reduces the environmental and economic costs associated with disposing of waste on the other.


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