Baltic Sea Region Testing Ground Facility

Status after 10 year

image of Baltic Sea Region Testing Ground Facility

This report gives an overview of the technical and political work of the Nordic Council of Ministers since 1993 to create a Joint Implementation set-up that mitigates greenhouse gas emissions at least costs with mutual benefits for both the Nordic countries and the countries in the Baltic Sea Region.



Joint Implementation

The UNEP Risø Centre maintains a monthly updated list of CDM and JI projects in the CDM/JI Pipeline. These are projects that have been published for a 30-day comment period under validation/determination. The Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee (JISC), the governing body in the UNFCCC, launched the verification procedure under track 2 on October 26 2006 and since then, 34 projects have entered the Pipeline or ten new projects per month. This can be compared to the about 100 new CDM projects per month. Prior to the verification procedure, 120 early mover JI projects were announced on the Climate-L email list for public comments. In total, 154 JI projects have been published for public comments since 2003.


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