Aspects of strategic climate work in Nordic municipalities

NordLead Project Final Report

image of Aspects of strategic climate work in Nordic municipalities

Nordic municipalities can have a significant impact on creating a more climate-friendly Nordic region. This study gathers valuable information about climate change management in Nordic municipalities and gives a general view to the local climate work in Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The study aims at recognising the success factors and needs for support in Nordic local climate change work. It is based on a web survey conducted between October 2011 and February 2012, with an overall response rate of 37 %. The study shows that Nordic municipalities are actively working for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Commonalities in the success factors and challenges are found in the study, however, there is no “one size fits all” solution, because the countries differ in many respects – the national framework conditions being the most crucial difference.




Local authorities have been recognised as key actors when it comes to responding to the challenges of climate change, regarding both mitigation and adaptation measures. Nordic municipalities are among the leading local authorities in sustainable development and climate change work in the world. Climate change still remains a very challenging task for municipalities to handle. Along with requiring long-term decision-making and cooperation across all municipal sectors, new ways to work need to be adopted. What makes it easier to grasp is that reducing greenhouse gas emissions, when thoughtfully executed, often has positive side effects, such as monetary savings or improvements in local air quality.


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