Analysis of Enforcement According to REACH

image of Analysis of Enforcement According to REACH

The European Commission launched on 29 October 2003 its proposal for a new chemical legislation con-cerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). In August 2004 the Nordic Council of Ministers granted funds to the Nordic Chemicals Group to start a joint Nordic project on "Analysis of the enforcement according to REACH". The objective of the project was to examine, from an enforcement perspective, the main titles (registration, evaluation, authorisation and restrictions) of the Commissions REACH proposal of October 2003 and result in proposals and viewpoints on enforceability of REACH and how REACH will affect today's enforcement including new demands on enforcements authorities, enforcement methods and cooperation between en-forcement authorities and Member States. In brief, REACH means new challenges for enforcement in the Member States. These exercises are compiled and discussed in this report with proposals for further work.



Development of a guideline for inspection of manufacturer/importer

Annexed to this report is a flow chart/guideline. The flow chart (guideline) is meant to be seen as a thought starter and a help when planning REACH projects in future. It should preferably be used electronically: in the "work flow inspection" document there are links to checklists in some of the boxes. It is important to note that these checklists should not be seen as complete, they should just be examples of questions/check points for inspectors. For any future project, the checklists may have to be modified and redesigned to fit that project.


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