Alkaline fens

Valuable wetlands but difficult to manage

image of Alkaline fens

Alkaline fens are species rich wetlands that today are threatened. Nature conservation officers and experts of alkaline fens from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden visited alkaline fens in Sweden and Finland to discuss the current situation. Restoration and management can be expensive and there is a need to find more appropriate ways to manage and restore alkaline fens.



Conservation and restoration on a landscape level

In Estonia and northern Finland, fens are often quite large, with some connectivity at landscape level. However, in southern Finland, with a longer history of land use, the few remaining rich fens are located far from each other, limiting the possibilities for dispersal of species between fragments. In Denmark and Sweden, the fens are usually small, with little connectivity. For areas with large fens where management is not needed, it is probably best to concentrate on ecosystem functions and on restoring hydrological conditions.


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