Access and rights to forest genetic resources in the Nordic region

Current situation and future perspectives

image of Access and rights to forest genetic resources in the Nordic region

Continued flexible exchange of forest genetic resources (FGR) in the Nordic region is important for sustainable forest management and for climate change adaptation and mitigation. For this reason, a high level political initiative identified a need to clarify the legal status of FGR in the Nordic region. In this report we summarise the results of a Nordic project intended to approach this issue, on the background that plant genetic resources is being increasingly subjected to private property rights. The aim of this work is to give recommendations for politicians and decision makers.



Background and objectives

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) was adopted in 1992 and it is the main international framework for conservation of biodiversity. The CBD strengthened the political recognition of genetic resources as an invariable component of biological diversity. It also established legally binding obligations on access to genetic resources, as well as to fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising (ABS) from the utilisation of genetic resources.


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