A Protocol for Black Carbon Emissions

A Protocol for Measuring Emissions of Elemental Carbon and Organic Carbon from Residential Wood Burning

image of A Protocol for Black Carbon Emissions

This protocol was developed and subsequently tested in 2012-2015 by Nordic test and research institutes, with Danish Technological Institute (DTI) as project manager. This protocol describes a potential standardized procedure for measurements of BC (Black Carbon) in terms of both EC (Elemental Carbon) and OC (Organic Carbon) from residential wood burning stoves. Such a standardized test can then be used for voluntary eco-labeling of wood stoves, and by manufacturers interested in testing and developing extremely low-emission, low-black carbon, “climate-friendly” stoves. This testing protocol is part of a project supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), and implemented by the International Cryosphere Climate Initiative (ICCI).



Measurement Protocol for Elemental Carbon and Organic Carbon

This measurement protocol for black carbon from residential wood combustion builds on the measurement sections and procedures described in the Norwegian standard NS3058 and 3059 for measurement of particulate matter (PM). If the stove subjected to the test is brand new, it must be aged by at least 10 hours of burning use prior to any testing, in order to eliminate any volatile or other pollutants emitted by the stove, its components and its surface coating.


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