A Nordic textile strategy

Part II: A proposal for increased collection, sorting, reuse and recycling of textiles

image of A Nordic textile strategy

Based on the results, a specific action plan has been formed consisting of four main actions; 1. Create a West Nordic Bioeconomy panel, 2. Establish an interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence (CoE) for the West Nordic region, 3. Arctic bioeconomy II – Project focusing on opportunities in biotechnology and 4. Program focusing on “The Blue Bioeconomy”.



Key messages

The proposed Nordic textile strategy provides a starting point for the work towards a more sustainable textile and fashion sector in the Nordic region. It is focused on the increased collection, sorting, reuse and recycling within the Nordic region and thereby provides one part in the sustainability puzzle for the sector. There is a larger picture which is touched upon in the sub-report of green jobs and competitiveness of Nordic region which to a further extent include consumption, design and other relevant areas that have largely been outside the scope of the project.


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