Survey SMEs

Ecodesign and energy labelling of heating products

image of Survey SMEs

The project Survey SMEs includes a survey on what heat pump, boiler and air conditioning industry in the Nordic countries know about ecodesign and energy labelling legislation and what information they request. The report shows that the knowledge is not great and gives good implications on what and how information is preferred. The project is part of Nordsyn under the Nordic Prime Ministers' overall green growth initiative: “The Nordic Region – leading in green growth” - read more at www.norden.org/greengrowth.



Written comments and interviews

In the internet survey respondents gave written comments and recommendation to specific subject, but there was also open question to give any free comments about ecodesign and energy labelling, or about market surveillance authorities or their procedures (question 39 in “heat pumps” 41 in “boilers”). There were altogether 164 written comments and recommendations given.


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