Promotion of renewable energy in the Nordic countries

Opportunities for harmonization of instruments

image of Promotion of renewable energy in the Nordic countries

This study was commissioned by the Nordic Working Group for Renewable Energy in January 2008. The report is based on a literature review, interviews of selected companies and organisations and market expertise and analysis of the GreenStream Network Ltd. The report does not present the opinions of the Working Group for Renewable Energy. All the conclusions presented in the report are those of the authors (see below). The report has been prepared by Mr. Juha Ruokonen, Mr. Gunnar Aronsen, Ms. Anna-Maija Turkama, Mr. Kristian Gautesen, Mr. Mats Nilsson, Mr. Juha Ollikainen from GreenStream Network Plc and Mr Atle Middtun from Norwegian School of Management.



Renewable energy in the Nordic countries

This chapter gives an overview on the status of renewable energy in Nordic countries and what are the proposed targets for 2020 by the EU Commission. Special emphasis in this Chapter is placed on analysing the possibilities each country has to increase the share of renewable electricity production by 2020. The potentials are estimated to be technoeconomically viable and realisable by 2020. Yet some restrictions do occur for individual technologies in some countries, these limitations are discussed more closely in context with the potentials. The potentials are only estimated for electricity production since a harmonised support system is most likely place on RES-E.


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