Nordic Test and Demonstration Facilities

A Mapping of Test and Demonstration Facilities in the Nordic Region

image of Nordic Test and Demonstration Facilities

In the Nordic countries, manufacturing plays a vital socio-economic role by contributing to employment and the economy at large. The key prerequisites are a high productivity and a strong competitive edge. One of the ways to obtain and maintain a competitive edge is if (small and medium-sized) companies apply new knowledge and new technologies. To support the use of new technologies by companies, easy access to testing of new products and technologies is a decisive factor for the companies to gain knowledge of and inspiration for the use of the new technologies in their current business. This report presents a mapping of test and demonstration facilities in the Nordic countries, including ten good practice examples of such facilities as well as political initiatives in the Nordic countries, including specific strategies for setting up and structuring test and demonstration facilities.




The project about mapping of Nordic test and demonstration facilities was initiated as part of a joint Nordic project aimed at enhancing the level of automation and digitisation in the Nordic Countries. The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.


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