EPC in the Nordic Countries

EPC Nordic

image of EPC in the Nordic Countries

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a contract model where an energy service provider – ESCO – map and implement profitable energy efficiency measures in buildings or installations. The ESCO guarantees reduction in energy use, and the reduced costs will finance the investments. The report describes the EPC markets in the Nordic countries, their characteristics, similarities and differences as well as the success factors and barriers. Many successful EPC projects have been implemented and positive experiences have been made. However, there is a large potential for further development of the EPC model with resulting energy savings and CO2 reductions in the Nordic countries. The report aim to provide recommendations for action for the successful development of the EPC market in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland and possible cooperation to promote EPC in and between these countries.




In Finland the first EPC projects started around 2000. In the beginning the market was dominated by smaller projects in private sector focusing on a few EE measures in only one or a few buildings. The projects had a short payback time and project period. In the last few years the projects has developed into small to medium sized projects in public sector following a similar model as in the other Nordic countries.


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