Working hours and health - 2014

Coordination of research on working hours and health in the Nordic countries - Future perspectives 2014

image of Working hours and health - 2014

The 2014 workshop on "Co-ordination of research on working hours and health in the Nordic countries" was held at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health on the 23rd-24th October 2014. The overall purpose of the workshop was to provide a platform for cooperation and development of high-quality research projects on working hours and health in the Nordic countries. The project is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The present report summarizes the presentations and discussions at the workshop with main focus on opportunities for future collaborations.




Aim: Few studies have examined what degrees of work time control (WTC) are prevalent in particular groups. The proposed study aims to investigate this matter in a national representative sample with crosssectional as well as longitudinal data. More specifically, it will focus on (i) the factorial concept of WTC, (ii) group differences (e.g. gender, employment, family situation) in WTC, and (iii) the stability of WTC levels within groups over time.


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