The Nordic region - a step closer to gender balance in research?

Joint Nordic strategies and measures to promote gender balance among researchers in academia

image of The Nordic region - a step closer to gender balance in research?

Nearly 80 per cent of all professors in the Nordic region are men. Gender balance in academia is therefore an important research policy issue. Hitherto it has been scarcely debated on a joint Nordic level. This report shows the status and the development in the field. The report gives examples of successful practices and highlights research policy challenges that are important to analyse in a gender and equality perspective. Given the lack of comparative investigations and research on the gender balance in academia in the Nordic region, there is a need to develop Nordic cooperation in this field. The report concludes with a number of recommendations in order to consolidate the issue of gender balance in academia as a joint policy- and research field in the Nordic region.

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Recommendations for future Nordic cooperation

The report shows that despite an increase in the proportion of female researchers in the Nordic countries, the gender distribution in higher level academic positions in particular remains disproportionately unbalanced and the various subject areas highly gender segregated. There are interesting differences between the Nordic countries in the gender composition of researchers. The Nordic countries appear in part to follow different strategies to promote gender equality and there appear to be national differences in how these issues are prioritised politically and the degree of political will to control and monitor the gender equality efforts in academia. The report provides good examples of the measures and experiences from the various countries’ efforts to improve the gender balance in academia.

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