State of the art report on bullying at the workplace in the Nordic countries

image of State of the art report on bullying at the workplace in the Nordic countries

This is the first Nordic report on the current scientific state of art of prevention activities regarding workplace bullying in the Nordic countries. During the last 20 years the Nordic countries have been among the leading ones regarding research on this important workplace stressor. Common features among the Nordic countries made it possible to eventually compare the Nordic countries' national data on both measurements, risk factors, consequences and the prevention of bullying at the work place. Hence, after these first 20 years of pioneering research a Nordic bullying network consisting of the leading research institutions in this field within the Nordic countries was established a few years ago with the aim to coordinate research efforts and existing knowledge combined with increased cross-national collaboration and fertilization in this field. Furthermore, the network aims to contribute to establishing a joint Nordic theoretical, empirical, conceptual and methodological platform for science and for the prevention of bullying at the workplace. Factsheet related to the report can be found here.



Health consequences of workplace bullying

In summary 17 studies concerning health consequences of workplace bullying were identified. Thirteen of these discussed bullying and psychological health consequences, such as stress and PTSD symptoms (53–56), burnout (57), depression (58), lack of psychological well-being (59) 17394–95, psychological trauma (60), psychological and somatic stress symptoms (23;49;61;62). Also cardiovascular diseases (58) and fibromyalgia (63) were discussed as well as changes in salivary cortisol (64;65).


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