Sexually Harassed at Work

An Overview of the Research in the Nordic Countries

image of Sexually Harassed at Work

Available online: https://pub.norden.org/temanord2020-521/ Abstract [en]: Sexual harassment is a major social problem in working life in the Nordic countries, which the Me Too movement of autumn 2017 demonstrated in particular. This research overview has been compiled on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers for Gender Equality with the purpose to provide an account of current knowledge about sexual harassment in the workplace in the Nordic countries and to identify the knowledge gaps to form the basis for a Nordic research initiative. The work is based on a survey of the research into the various ways in which sexual harassment is expressed in people's working lives based on occupations of varying nature, in professional situations, in peer relations, and in meetings with customers, patients and clients. The overview is based on a systematic review of the research and other relevant literature from the Nordic countries between the years 2014–2019.

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