Scandinavia's Population Groups Originating from Developing Countries

Change and Integration

image of Scandinavia's Population Groups Originating from Developing Countries

Scandinavia’s foreign-origin population has steadily increased over the past six decades. Migration flows into the region have been linked to societal phenomena such as growing labour demands, family reunification and the acceptance of refugees fleeing wars and political conflicts. Whereas earlier migration streams were generally expected to integrate relatively easily, concerns about the current streams are high on the political agenda. This report is a cross-country research into selected key features of population change and the integration of population groups with roots in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Turkey and Vietnam in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The research has sought to achieve three objectives. The first is to determine how and when the groups came to the three Scandinavian countries and how they have since developed. The second is to analyze two aspects of the groups’ integration, namely their participation in education and their participation in the labour market. And the final objective is to provide a brief overview of the groups’ situation in each of the three countries with regards to economic development, immigration history and policy development.



Scandinavian Comparison

The aim of this section of the introduction is to point to some interesting similarities and differences across the three studied countries. The aim is not to comment on everything discussed in the individual country chapters, but to highlight and summarize some key points of interest emerging from the study’s four differing research areas. The first subsection focuses on the country’s national settings. While the similarities between Denmark, Norway and Sweden are often noted, we turn much of our attention here to looking at the differences the research found between the three countries. In the other sub-sections – Demographic Dynamics, Educational Enrolment and Labour Market Integration, we focus on the similarities and differences found across the studied groups and their behaviours in the three Scandinavian countries.


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