Principles and concepts in Nordic occupational safety and health policies

Dimensions of strategic thinking and approaches

image of Principles and concepts in Nordic occupational safety and health policies

Second corrected edition. The Nordic countries have a close co-operation in the field of occupational safety and health (OSH). The objective of this study is to compare OSH policies in the Nordic countries in relation to the Nordic co-operation programme and strategies of the EU as well. The study was conducted through a qualitative content analysis of the strategies or corresponding programmes. The policies were analysed from the point of view of different themes and dimensions. The study shows that the strategies or programmes emphasise quite different viewpoints. The state has a different role in these programmes, which results in different cultures regarding the OSH policy practices and their development. The report shows interesting differences in the strategic approaches in the Nordic countries. Some of these differences have not been clearly shown and explained before.




The objective of the study is to compare Nordic programs on the working environment and safety and health at work as well as their strategic approaches. Another aim is to interpret the differences, similarities, and semantic relations between national (Nordic) working environment programs and the European Union’s corresponding ones. This is done with regard to the strategic lines of the programs and the contents of the procedural programs. The objective of the study is to further the discussion among the Nordic countries on the situation of their country-specific strategies/programs.


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