Part-Time Work in the Nordic Region

Part-time work, gender and economic distribution in the Nordic countries

image of Part-Time Work in the Nordic Region

Gender equality in the labour market is a key topic in the Nordic cooperation on gender equality. The Nordic Council of Ministers has asked NIKK, Nordic Information on Gender, to coordinate the project Part-Time Work in the Nordic Region. The aim of the project is to shed light on and analyse part-time work in the Nordic region, develop reports and arrange conferences. During the Swedish presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2013, the project identified how part-time work affects the economic resources of women and men. This first report presents statistics on full- and part-time work and compares the effects of part-time work on pensions in the Nordic countries. Marianne Sundström, professor of labour economics at Stockholm University, and Alma Lanninger Wennemo, Master’s student at Stockholm University, wrote the report on a request by NIKK.



Feelings about economic situation and work

We now use the ESS-data to examine how full-time and part-time workers experience and feel about their economic situation and their work and life circumstances, starting with pay. Table 5.1A presents women’s answers to the question “Considering my efforts and achievements in my job I feel I get paid appropriately. Agree – Disagree.” We see that a rather large fraction, that is, 32–47%, of both full-time and part-time working women feel that they are not being paid appropriately. In Denmark and Sweden, the fractions agreeing with the statement are lower and the fraction disagreeing somewhat higher among part-time workers than among full-time workers, but the difference is not statistically significant. Finland shows the opposite relationship and in Norway there is virtually no difference.


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