Part-time employment

This indicator shows the proportion of part-time employment in the Nordic region. Data is available for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, as well as the European Union (EU28) and the Euro area (EA19). The proportion is calculated as the number of part-time employed among the 15-64 year olds in per cent of the total number of employed (15-64 year olds). The full-time/part-time distinction in the main job is made on the basis of a spontaneous answer given by the respondent in all countries, except for Iceland and Norway, where part-time is determined on the basis of whether the usual hours worked are fewer than 35, while full-time is based on whether the usual hours worked are 35 or more. In Sweden the same criterion is applied to the self-employed persons as well. The part time employment is available as a total and for men and women separately. For more information on Nordic Statistics:


Keywords: part-time, employment