Nordic Questionnaire for Monitoring the Age Diverse Workforce

Review report of QPSNordic-ADW

image of Nordic Questionnaire for Monitoring the Age Diverse Workforce

This Review report is a description of the background and development of the Nordic Questionnaire for Monitoring the Age Diverse Workplace (QPSNordic-ADW). In this review report relations of work and well-being for senior workforce is overviewed. Also the development of the earlier QPSNordic and it use is reported. The reader will also find information about the development of the new QPSNordic-ADW and its content.



Development of the new QPSNordic-ADW

In the first stage of developing the new QPSNordic-ADW, the existing Nordic Questionnaire for Psychological and Social Factors at Work (QPSNordic) was selected as the basis for the new questionnaire, as in 1994–1998 considerable effort had been focused on producing a valid questionnaire for psychological and social factors at work. This method development project was funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic institutes in occupational health. QPSNordic also includes many scales that are relevant for the older age groups, and it has been used widely in Norway, Sweden and Finland.


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