Nordic Questionnaire for Monitoring the Age Diverse Workforce

Review report of QPSNordic-ADW

image of Nordic Questionnaire for Monitoring the Age Diverse Workforce

This Review report is a description of the background and development of the Nordic Questionnaire for Monitoring the Age Diverse Workplace (QPSNordic-ADW). In this review report relations of work and well-being for senior workforce is overviewed. Also the development of the earlier QPSNordic and it use is reported. The reader will also find information about the development of the new QPSNordic-ADW and its content.



Development of QPSNordic

The Nordic countries have a long tradition in monitoring and improving the psychological and social work environment. They have similar legislations and practical opportunities of carrying out surveys and interventions relating to work and the organization of work. In addition, problem orientation and emphasis on participation have been typical of research into the work environment in the Nordic countries. Research on the psychological and social factors of work has played an important role in reforms of working life and also in the area of occupational health and safety since the 1960s and 1970s. However, the accumulation of practical experience and scientific knowledge has been relatively scanty because of the workplace-specificity or group-specificity of the data collection methods used.


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