Nordic Fisheries at a Crossroad

image of Nordic Fisheries at a Crossroad

Nordic fisheries at a crossroad explores how Nordic small-scale fisheries can develop to promote high value creation and product specialization. By looking at recent developments among small-scale but land-based food producers we suggest specialization and dedication as the main development strategies. The central notion is to break away from the price-competitive globalised fish markets and develop new products or distribution models. To succeed in this, there is a need for substantive and coordinated efforts to bridge the gap between conventional logics and the new development logics, between supply and demand. The vision should be to develop viable and composite markets for high quality and specialty fish products through dedication and specialization. Markets that go beyond the local and reach supermarkets and consumers on a national and international scale.



Nordic small-scale fisheries at a crossroad

The chapter explores the past and current situation for small-scale fisheries as well as the logics applied to support growth and development. The 20th century saw both a substantial growth in the Nordic fishing sectors but also the introduction of advanced quota management. However, while the biological governance of the marine resources improved, the economic performance worsened. Often quota management resulted in rigid and ill performing fishing sectors. Market-based fisheries management systems were conceived to alter this situation. It is evident from the Nordic and the global experiences that while market-based fisheries management produces the desired economic reform of the sector, it does not in its present form produce viable conditions for small-scale fisheries.


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