New Forms of Work Among Young People

Implications for the Working Environment

image of New Forms of Work Among Young People

Changes in the labor marked globally and in the Nordic countries involve new forms of work and atypical employment among young workers. A significant proportion of young workers are in temporary positions, working irregular working hours, and part-time work. This also applies to the young workers portrayed in this report. They are working at online platforms as e-sport gamers, YouTuber or Influencers, an thus move into the borderland of the meanings we usually ascribe to the categories ‘work’ and ‘working environment’. This development also apply to traditional professions, such as carpentry work or service work, but the new aspect is that the work is mediated through online platforms, which seems to affect the working environment for those young workers. It is important to know more about new employment forms if we are to improve working environment among these young workers.




Most of the young people portrayed in this report have several jobs or incomes at the same time (up to five jobs) or a number of different jobs over short periods. They work in different types of atypical employment. For some, these terms are involuntary, associated with financial and social insecurity. Others have very privileged and highly paid work not connected with financial insecurity.


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