Good Nordic management practices

State of the art

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The project identified good Nordic management practices by analysing Nordic research on management, working conditions, and productivity. The project identified 2760 publications combining these topics and analysed in detail 38 core publications combining all three topics. The main findings were:1. Nordic research that combine all three topics is limited in extend but broad in content and therefore fragmented2. Values related to cooperation and participation permeated the publications, which sets them apart from EU and US publications.3. The core publications identified positive relations between management practices, working conditions and workplace performance4. Positive management practices are characterised by dialogue and cooperation between managers and subordinates.The research was conducted in 2012-2014 at Aalborg University, SINTEF, VTT, and Karlstad University.



Sweden – National findings

There are many who testify that there is a Nordic tradition in terms of leading and organizing workplaces (Adler 2013). This is characterized by for example sociotechnical forms of work organization, dialogue forms of management, informal communication, cooperation with the unions, decentralized decision making, influence in and over work, advanced competence development and descent working conditions. At the same time, we can see big changes in the labour market. These changes can be characterized by a transformation from an industrial logic to a service-based production, interaction between different activities and organizations as well as globalisation (Castell 1996, Eriksson 2008, Berglund & Schedin 2009). The question is whether and, if so, how this affects leadership, working conditions and productivity/efficiency in the workplaces.


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