Good Nordic management practices

State of the art

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The project identified good Nordic management practices by analysing Nordic research on management, working conditions, and productivity. The project identified 2760 publications combining these topics and analysed in detail 38 core publications combining all three topics. The main findings were:1. Nordic research that combine all three topics is limited in extend but broad in content and therefore fragmented2. Values related to cooperation and participation permeated the publications, which sets them apart from EU and US publications.3. The core publications identified positive relations between management practices, working conditions and workplace performance4. Positive management practices are characterised by dialogue and cooperation between managers and subordinates.The research was conducted in 2012-2014 at Aalborg University, SINTEF, VTT, and Karlstad University.



Finland – National findings

After the Second World War the change of Finnish industrial structure was fierce and one of the fastest in Europe (Myyryläinen 1998). While Finland was still an agricultural country right after the war, by 1970 it had changed to an industrialized and urbanized society where an essential part of the population earned their living from services (See Figure 29). Since 1980 the also the share of people working in industry has been decreasing while the share of services still has kept growing. One interesting recent development trend is that according to Statistics Finland the amount of persons working as managers and highest state officials has decreased by 37% from 2008 to 2013 while the number of experts has increased by 13%. During the same period the total amount of employed persons decreased in Finland by 74,000 and was 2,457,000 in 2013.


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