Good Nordic management practices

State of the art

image of Good Nordic management practices

The project identified good Nordic management practices by analysing Nordic research on management, working conditions, and productivity. The project identified 2760 publications combining these topics and analysed in detail 38 core publications combining all three topics. The main findings were:1. Nordic research that combine all three topics is limited in extend but broad in content and therefore fragmented2. Values related to cooperation and participation permeated the publications, which sets them apart from EU and US publications.3. The core publications identified positive relations between management practices, working conditions and workplace performance4. Positive management practices are characterised by dialogue and cooperation between managers and subordinates.The research was conducted in 2012-2014 at Aalborg University, SINTEF, VTT, and Karlstad University.



Findings, Discussions and Implications

This section summarizes the results of the project on Nordic research in the area of management, productivity and working conditions. The Nordic Council of Ministries initiated the project in 2012 by pointed out the lack of knowledge on the causal relationships between management, work environment and productivity. Therefore, it was asked for a critical review of the scientific literature on relationships between management, work environment and productivity, aiming to identify how Nordic enterprises could work to establish good management practices and develop work participation and at the same time improve working conditions and productivity/change readiness.


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