De nordiske landes konkurrencedygtighed – fra flexicurity til mobication

image of De nordiske landes konkurrencedygtighed – fra flexicurity til mobication

I denne rapport argumenterer forfatterne for, at der i beskæftigelsespolitikken er behov for at flytte det strategiske fokus fra 'flexicurity' til 'mobication' ('mobility through education'), som indebærer, at man sætter kompetenceudvikling i centrum. Det er forfatternes vurdering, at 'flexicurity' fortsat udgør et vigtigt fundament for fleksibiliteten og sikkerheden for først og fremmest de ledige på arbejdsmarkedet, men at der er behov for en langt mere offensiv satsning på livslang uddannelse af hele arbejdsstyrken, hvis man skal sikre arbejdskraftens konkurrencedygtighed fremover. 'Mobication' sigter netop mod at styrke arbejdskraftens muligheder for at tilpasse sig og bevæge sig i forhold til de skiftende behov på et arbejdsmarked i en stadigt mere konkurrencepræget verdensøkonomi.



Summary (in English)

Conditions for production, services and employment are changing. Much attention has been focused on the economic crisis triggered by the financial crisis, and there are of course good reasons to address the economic problems and loss of jobs generated by the crisis. However, in the long run the biggest challenge might not be cyclical crises but structural changes. Four major structural changes can be identified: 1) a new international division of labour (due to the strong economic growth outside the U.S. and Europe); 2) a continuous introduction of new technologies and subsequently a new organization of work; 3) demographic changes and 4) a climate change agenda which creates new and different perspectives for growth and employment. These mega-trends will have an influence on future job opportunities in the Nordic countries. In other words, the financial crisis and the subsequent employment crisis have created new challenges in the short term, but long-term consequences of the structural changes ought to be prioritized by politicians and researchers.


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